Startups of Alex Business Incubator

"Startups of Alex" is the 1st Alexandrian business incubator launched by icealex. We aim to connect the different components of the Alexandrian startup ecosystem, meaning linking the startups themselves with mentors, investors, partners and supporting organizations such as co-working spaces and innovation & technology hubs. We believe that Alexandrian entrepreneurs have great ideas and the capability to create their own businesses. Some of them know their way and others face some obstacles, so we gather to share knowledge and help each other to increase economic development through empowering Alexandrian entrepreneurs.. Startups of Alex Spring 2022 is now open for application.


Startups of Alex is all about finding and supporting innovative startups with high commercialization potential. Therefore, for the project to be adequate for incubation, the project must score well on the following set of criteria .

- Age: 18-35

- The startup must have a team from 2 to 5.

- At least one team member dedicated for 12 hours per week to

- Commit to working on the startup, and attend weekly updates meetings, training & mentorship sessions.

- A Proof of concept and/or validated prototype must be submitted.

- The startup must have a clear proven social/environmental impact

- The startup should be operating for at least one year

- The startup must have revenue-generating model with a clear potential for growth